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Show Producer & Choreographer - The Fantastic Hairdresser awards

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Behind The Scenes

Inspired by the heady days of Stuio 54, Angel follows the American dream of the young innocent individual who sets out on a path for success. Meeting different characters who have their own influences along the way, this is ultimately a story of the caterpillar that turned into a fierce butterfly.

Our doorman/emcee character provides the gateway to excess and helps lead the way, only to be met with the vapid gaze of Andy Warhol who was so instrumental at the time in terms of the game of who's who. Vacuous party girls bring beauty to the game but there's nothing more interesting underneath it all. A Grace Jones inspired gender fluid model brings glamour and high fashion to the mix  and ultimately they all become slaves to the rhythm with their individuality being eroded by a heartbeat like pulse where all the performers become clone like. Our 'Angel' character finally emerges, the new queen on the block but, for how long?.....

Images by Lee Mitchell

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