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Sound  And  Vision

Show Producer & Choreographer - The Fantastic Hairdresser awards

Full show

Behind The Scenes

Tasked with creating a headline show for The Fantastic Hairdresser Awards, due to the death of the late great David Bowie, that he would be the inspiration was an automatic decision. I learned a lot about him but really it was just the tip of a very eclectic and interesting iceberg. 

The idea for this show was to capture his essence in a phase where he was heavily influenced by drugs and the exploration of himself as an artist as opposed to his alter ego's like Ziggy Stardust. Like the 'Man Who Fell To Earth', he was, in his career, always under scrutiny and this was a time of reflection away from the prying eyes of the media.

The movement was more character driven than overly choreographed. Always with the fact that ultimately this was a catwalk show in mind 

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