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Choreography provision for large and small scale productions, corporate events, commercial sector, stage and screen, mass movement & crowd direction. Jazz, commercial, contemporary, hip hop, ballet, tap, partnering and a range of other styles offered.


Production and project management provision for large and small scale projects. Commercial and not for profit organisations welcome, also individuals with personal projects. Perhaps you need help with the logistics of a project and are struggling with time management or else would like some extra collaborations facillitated. I can help with the smooth running of your project.

A huge advocate of the importance of high quality educational provision for all, I can come in to talk to dancers who are interested interested to enter the professional dance world or those who just get a thrill from their hobby. I can provision masterclasses or dance workshops across a variety of dance styles. These can be one off's or part of a more integrated curriculum to compliment a subject matter or current learning programme already being undertaken. Audition technique and critique also offered.

With extensive experience in working on high profile and VIP events I can give you insight into workflow and people management for your event. Be it a gala dinner, charity night, conference or other event I can provide Production Management services through Peter Corry Productions Ltd. 

There are some things you just can't learn in a group situation. I offer private sessions with dancers wanting to pinpoint something within their own personal development. This applies to young and old alike. I am experienced in working with non-dancers, amateurs and professionals so don't be shy in asking for that extra bit of help or a leg up. 

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