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NICO - A Berlin Odyssey

Show Producer & Choreographer - The Fantastic Hairdresser awards

Full show

Behind The Scenes

October 2019 - A show was unvieiled for ALFAPARF Milano entitled NICO , the story centred on the journey and life of a young east Berlin girl who was born after the wall divided the city , we tell the story of her coming of age inspired by illicit images of David Bowie, Lou Reed and Iggy Pop, replacing her toys and playthings for punk rock and western subculture , escaping East Berlin to find herself in late 70s Manchester soundtracked by the post punk sounds of The Buzzcocks, Magazine and Joy Division , becoming emerged in the cities music and club culture fuelled by late nights. 

Reckless relationships and dark days , as the second summer of love and new wave of idealism , freedom and acceptance through music and dance triggers a realism that she is not just part of localised movement but a global phenomenon.


Nico makes her way back to Berlin as the historic wall tumbles to the ground ....what happens next ? Watch below to find out.

(Words by Paul Stafford)


Working with Paul Stafford (Stafford Hair) & ALFAPARF Milano, A show concept of the commemoration of the fall of The Berlin Wall was conceived. There were many conversations about wanting to create a show with a final positive uplifting message that would combine filmic elements with hair and music driven by the sub-cultures of the time but re-imagined. Choreographically I wanted to reference the automation of the industrial era's, the contrasting looseness and 'baggy' vibe of the Madchester club scene along with a Cabaret inspired seduction by the 3 vices in a high fashion setting. Finally, the climax to have the heady release of an Ibizan end of season bender alongside something that felt more hopeful for the next chapter of our heroine's journey. 


Thank you to all the incredible artists involved in this project, onstage and offstage alike.

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