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Why should you go it alone?

Dancing is my passion, it's something everyone can do even if they think they can't. If you can walk or jiggle around, if you can count, if you love music, then you can dance. That's the easy part. 


The hard part is some level of learning/training and deciding how much you want to refine this tool for your own needs. Maybe you just want to be able to dance at a social event or party and not feel totally embarrassed, maybe you just want to feel more comfortable in your own skin and get a work out. Perhaps you love the social aspect and the friendships you can build. There's so many reasons to try it or return to it. 

If group sessions just aren't for you then maybe private sessions could help:

Did you do dance when you were younger and loved it but haven't done it for years?

Do you want to learn some kind of routine so you can surprise someone at a party or anniversary? 

Do you just want to learn without other people watching you?

Do you think your child might benefit from private sessions where they can really focus on specific elements of their technique, performance & confidence.

Do you know someone who is thinking of going down the professional route and would benefit from the advice and insight?

Do you have a competition or audition come up that you would like to prepare for?

There's so many reasons to take private lessons. Working together we set out what you want to achieve and then just go for it! It's all about personal development.

So how much does it cost?

I generally request a commitment to a minimum of 6 sessions as this is really the amount you need to see any progression and improvement. The cost of this will vary depending on where you might be based and where I can secure studio hire. However, everything is up for a discussion so, the thing to do is get in touch and let me know a contact number for you. Then let's have a chat over the phone and we can take it from there. It's an investment but you're worth it.

So what do other people really think?

We have had the pleasure of working with Fleur on a number of projects and each one has been a fantastic experience for my dancer daughter. Her vision, eye for detail and bringing it all together astounds me every time and even more so that she does it with a smile on her face. Her professionalism and encouragement brings out the best in everyone she works with and we hope to have the fortune to continue working with Fleur for many more years

Gail Hamilton (Parent)

“I am so grateful to have received the dance tuition and help from Fleur prior to my drama school auditions. Being able to have had someone at home in Northern Ireland who had trained at dance college in London, currently working in the industry and able to pass on the skills and knowledge was such a bonus. I can’t express my gratitude enough!”


Gemma McMeel (Big Fish Musical, Titanic)

If you are looking for private dance lessons I highly recommend Fleur Mellor, definitely time well spent .I thank her for sharing her gift of dance with my daughter Phoebe. You are such an inspirational mentor. Thank you for sharing your awesome dance moves and the gracefulness you have imbibed in Phoebe through your education. Phoebe loves and admires your way of teaching. We have seen a great boost to her confidence and dance skills. Dance is the hidden language of the soul. Thank you for the encouragement and feedback to help shape Phoebe into a great dancer.

Mechelle McCandless (Parent)

I would like to thank Fleur for all her support and expertise in developing my dancing technique. Aside from making tap classes fun to attend I made great progress. 

Conall McGinn (pupil)

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